New Cover Art

I hadn’t intended to draw cover art so quickly after returning to cartooning. Cover art requires more effort than single-panel cartoons, but I could not refuse a request from long-time friend Jeanne Mealy, official editor of Stipple APA, a Minneapolis-based amateur press association. I at least knew a few of its 20 members. Jeanne asked me to create something with a Spring theme. I immediately thought of something cool as the wintry Spring Minneapolis was enduring. I asked if she could print color. She said that she could not. We compromised with a spot of hand coloring. The issue with my cover art is out and the publication has no online presence so I am posting the artwork here. Click on the image for a larger version.


Now I need to get busy scanning the scores of other older cover art stacked in my office. I will as soon as I fulfill the numerous promises of cartoons I’ve made to others.

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