Postcard Cartoons

I’ve drawn hundreds of cartoons on postcards and sent them to family, friends, and fan editors. They have ended up on refrigerators, in file folders, in drawers, and in shoeboxes in closets. Some, however, appeared in print in fanzines. Seeing them published bothered me at first because the characters didn’t have the polish of those in my finished cartoons and my handwriting was sometimes difficult to read, even for me, and I thought someday I’d go back and make them into finished cartoons. But I never did because I was always coming up with new ideas. Now I am flattered and amused that someone published them, unconcerned that they reveal the cartoonist in the rough. And I am also careful to send only finished cartoons to fan editors. Here are eight postcard cartoons that saw print.

Plotka, edited by Alison Scott, Steve Davies and Mike Scott

image41 daughter th_plotka th_plotka2

Convention Log, edited by R. Laurraine Tutihasi

th_tutihasi conlog67-10

Counterclock, edited by Wolf von Witting


Bucconeer’s Broadside, edited by Michael Nelson


Someday I should revisit the postcard cartoons I sent to friends and family to see if any are funny enough to finish.

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