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New Cover Art

I hadn’t intended to draw cover art so quickly after returning to cartooning. Cover art requires more effort than single-panel cartoons, but I could not refuse a request from long-time friend Jeanne Mealy, official editor of Stipple APA, a Minneapolis-based … Continue reading

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Postcard Cartoons

I’ve drawn hundreds of cartoons on postcards and sent them to family, friends, and fan editors. They have ended up on refrigerators, in file folders, in drawers, and in shoeboxes in closets. Some, however, appeared in print in fanzines. Seeing … Continue reading

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In 1818, Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy published Dictionnaire Infernal. In 1863, it was republished with illustrations drawn by Louis Le Breton, engraved by M. Jarrault. In the 1990s, Richard A. Dengrove included the rendition of Belphegor in the … Continue reading

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