This year’s World Science Fiction Convention, Lonestarcon3, is being in San Antonio over the Labor Day Weekend. Its progress reports contained none of my cartoons, but my art covered the backs of all six progress reports for Lonestarcon2, the 1997 San Antonio WorldCon. They started by featuring the sites to see in the city and then moved progressively outward from there. Here are my fantasy tourist highlights. Click on the images for larger versions.

Lonestarcon2_bc1_1 Lonestarcon2_bc2_1 Lonestarcon2_bc3_1
Lonestarcon2_bc4_1 Lonestarcon2_bc5_1 Lonestarcon2_bc6_1

I had not planned on contributing to any of this year’s WorldCon pubs but wife Diana volunteered to edit the souvenir book. She knows that my cartoons often have a gentle bite and insisted that I give her at least one.

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  1. Alison says:

    omg I remember getting these in the mail! Love them!

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