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Yesterday morning I renamed my computer without realizing the consequences. The system deleted all of my preferences, including the serial numbers of all my programs. I had the original documentation for all except Freehand, the graphics program I have used for the past 25 years to create my cartoons. Adobe, the current owner of the software, had no record of my purchase. Such situations in the past brought out my dark side and inspired some of my best characters.


Rather than spend the $250 to buy a new copy of Freehand, I opted to migrate my artwork to Illustrator. It is part of Creative Suite, which I already own thanks to Diana, my graphic artist spouse. The downside is the learning curve. The upside is that it is the program my employer’s graphics department uses. I am not happy, but change is a part of life, albeit often externally inflicted. Adobe has discontinued support of Freehand.

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